Enjoy mass events with a new way of consumption

An innovative and personalized solution

Capaz de reducir la acción presencial de solicitar, esperar y pagar un pedido de comida, bebida o merchandising en mostrador. Práctica y sencilla. Nuestra tecnología se integra de forma nativa a las aplicaciones oficiales o se activa vía web view, adaptándose a las exigencias de los consumidores, sirviendo como un activo digital que potencia la marca del cliente y generando un nuevo activo digital patrocinable por terceras marcas.

¿Cómo funciona para tu negocio?

How does it work for your business?

Our solution provides technological value to your brand: with a simple and intuitive panel, capable of natively integrating with your digital assets, generating new avenues of income through third-party sponsorship, including new forms of consumption and innovative experiences to build loyalty and Connect with your customers directly. Provide your attendees with new payment methods or integrate current ones, such as cashless, without third parties, additional costs or high commissions. And above all, without having to download a new application.

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Maximiza el disfrute evitando desplazamientos innecesarios

How does it work for attendees?

Optimizamos la gestión y demanda de comida, bebida o merchandising en recintos o establecimientos de grandes masas a través del pedido móvil.

Pensada para ti

What advantages does it have?

Management and productivity

Improve sales, order delivery, equipment capacity, stock control, product updates and promotions in real time.

Integration and identity

Natively on any technology or device, without the need for additional hardware, customizing the solution with your brand, increasing its visibility and providing technological value.

Innovation and gamification

Variety of payment methods, geolocation of orders, QR shipping, direct contact channel for promotions and incidents and the possibility of activating gamified actions that strengthen digital assets.

Results measurement

Dashboard to know and analyze consumption data that will allow you to predict moments of opportunity according to the interests of your clients.

Sponsorships and alliances

Possibility of generating synergies with commercial partners to increase the visibility and profitability of the event or business.

Security and support

Atención de incidencias, sin intermediarios. Nos ocupamos de todo.

Why trust us?

We are a startup focused on software development that was born in 2019 and an idea arose during the break of a soccer game, while waiting to be served at the bar. Being a technology company has its advantages, among many it allows us to: Take care of everything, guaranteeing technical support, without third parties, whenever you need it. Constantly evolve, implementing improvements and measuring user response. And above all, do it your way, adapting to your technology or helping you create your own platform.

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lo hacemos fácil y práctico

We are leaders

We help to assume the new rules of consumption, taking care of the experience of attendees and becoming part of our clients' digital assets.


Active in sports and leisure.





lo que nos diferencia

Our principles

Ability to adapt to constant change

Commitment to the business ecosystem

Transparency around the business model

Excellence and fast
en el soporte del servicio

Think big and take on new challenges

Empathy and of course, a sense of humor


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What the media says

"Spanish technology companies like Peopleat work to offer venues a safe consumer experience."

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- Nius Diario

"Peopleat, the formula to be able to eat and drink quickly while watching a sports show for example."

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- LGN Radio

"New Click & Eat service at the Buesa Arena: The new Click & Eat service is based on Peopleat technology..."

Author image


- Web Baskonia

"CD Leganés inaugurates a modern bar ordering system in its app"

Author image


- Web CD Leganés

"Peopleat helps reinvent local commerce through its Open For You initiative"

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-- Radio COPE

"The ABIERTOSPARATI portal makes visible the small businesses and establishments that do not stop"

Author image



"ABIERTOS PARA TI, Who is open around you?"

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"Peopleat: constant improvement to reactivate commerce and hospitality, improving its efficiency"

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"In times of COVID, it seems essential to me to ensure that you live the entire experience safely and without crowds"

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Frequent questions

We want to revolutionize the pre-order market for mass consumption, and solve, through technology, the congestion and demand of the hospitality industry at mass events and venues. We provide technological value by enhancing our clients' brand, through an innovative solution that is natively integrated into our clients' official application or website, with a simple and intuitive panel, and without initial costs or high commissions.
Enhance your brand by customizing the service with your identity and through sponsorship synergies. Interact directly with attendees. Improve the customer experience and gain their loyalty. Know and analyze your consumption data. Improve your demand management and stock control. Optimize the capacity of your equipment. Safely assume the new rules of consumption. It does not require additional hardware. It is implemented on any mobile device. Allows you to create a digital letter to update whenever you want.
Our services focus on two types of delivery: in-seat or counter. However, we adapt to the needs and operations, expanding the service in some cases to delivery at tables, areas or terraces enabled as the regulations or premises require.
The client orders and pays through the solution. The solution generates a QR and the order to execute/track the order. The hospitality industry prepares it and delivers it to the seat. It is an ideal option to reduce unnecessary trips around the facilities and maximize the user experience through mobile ordering so that not a single minute of the event is missed.
The client orders and pays through the solution. The solution generates a QR and the order to execute/track the order. The hospitality industry prepares it and the customer picks it up at the bar, simply showing the QR of their order in an express area enabled for delivery. This service is an ideal option to reduce long waits at large events.
Don't worry, we work hand in hand with allies like Beberapid, with whom you can manage the hospitality of your event and the delivery of orders at the seat.
NO, we are a solution that is integrated with the digital assets of our clients, in this way users/assistants do not have to download an additional App, they can access the service by scanning a QR, via Web-View or through the official platform of the customer.
We have integrated the largest variety of digital payment methods, this way your clients can pay via bank card, Redsys, Bizum, Bitpay, ApplePay, GooglePay, etc...
Being a technology company we take care of everything. Technical support whenever you need it, without third parties and without limits.
The solution is integrated into your official application or website natively. Regarding cost: we are committed to business models based on success that make us grow together with our clients by establishing different models: a percentage of the orders placed through the service, a monthly or annual license and even passing on a cost proportional to the order to the end users. PeoplEat takes care of everything and the only thing we expect from our clients is the maximum dissemination of the service with their marketing/communication departments.

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C/ Orense 34, planta 8. 28020 Madrid
Vilamarí, 86-88, bajos, Barcelona
1001 Brickell Bay Drive Suite 2700, Miami, FL. Us 33131




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